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Welcome to R.W. Diamond Broker

R.W. Diamond Broker is a family-owned and operated jewelry showroom located in Dallas, Texas. Since 2000, Robert Wolchuk has been providing quality loose diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, engagement rings, and custom designs. Our commitment to exceptional service and affordable prices keeps our customers coming back. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Let's make memories together

"Planning to get a diamond ring? Call us a day or two before to set up your appointment so we can discuss your ideas and guide you with any questions you have. This way, we can prepare the right selections for you to see when you come in. We're excited to help you create your stunning ring!"

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Why is R.W. Diamond Broker in DFW your best choice for your magnificent ring or jewelry?

We are a Diamond Broker, so we work for you. We make sure you are getting the best value and help you assemble the perfect piece at the right price. You don't have to settle for something in a case. We are not working on commission. We work for you. It is a custom way for you to get the special ring you deserve. Our prices are lower than most and we value every customer.


We source your diamond selections from the world's finest diamond distributors, whether it is a mined diamond or a lab-grown diamond for your perfect engagement ring or jewelry. We work with the best jewelers for custom designs and have extensive experience in both jewelry and diamonds in DFW. Our only goal is your complete satisfaction.


Our appointment process

1) Call us a day or two before you want to make an appointment. We will discuss what you are thinking regarding the diamond and the ring. We will guide you with any questions you have so we can work to understand what your stunning ring will be. That way we will have the right selections ready to see when you come in for your appointment.

See me at our family-owned private diamond showroom, you will be glad you did.

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Committed to You

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Committed to You

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

"At R.W. Diamond Broker I can Promise you an enjoyable, friendly diamond buying experience. I keep my showroom small and relaxed, that way my overheads stay low. I have 100's of very satisfied customers. At R.W. Diamond Broker, we truly value your business. I have access to the very best prices and products. My reputation is that of an honest, reliable Jeweler in DFW. Always have been and always will be. Getting engaged? We can help you find a Diamond for your Engagement Ring in DFW. We have unique Diamond Rings and Diamond Wedding Bands in Dallas at the best prices and all kinds of beautiful jewelry” 

                                                                           Robert Wolchuk - Owner

Are you ready to find the perfect diamond, wedding ring, or fine jewelry in DFW? We're thrilled to offer personalized shopping consultations to help you do just that! Our exceptional service guarantees complete satisfaction with your purchase. Don't wait - contact us today to schedule an appointment and discover piece of your dreams!

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