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Custom  Design

Custom designing your engagement ring at R.W. Diamond Broker

How Custom Rings Are Made at R.W. Diamond broker in DFW

R.W. Diamond Broker in Dallas creates custom-made rings that perfectly capture your unique style and personality. Contact us today to get started!

Best custom Jewelers in Dallas

Custom-making a ring is easier than you think. These days we use computer-aided design technology (CAD) to custom make your unique piece. If you have an idea or a picture of something you want to create a similar version of, you come to see us. We sit down and discuss the design. Then our designer will figure out the price to make it. Once you agree on the price then the fun starts. We will create a CAD image of your design for you to see, if you want to make any changes that's when we do it. Only once you are happy with the finished CAD design then our master goldsmith and designer will create the actual finished piece. That way you know exactly what you will be getting and you will be stunned at how fantastic your final piece will be when you see it completed.

Custom Engagement Rings in DFW

About Computer Aided Design (CAD)

A CAD is a drawing of your ring that is created in computer software. It is important to remember that a CAD is not a final representation of your ring. The CAD is meant to show the cast of the wax, not the metal. So think of a CAD as a bulky, cartoon version of your ring. The finished product will be much more refined and polished than the CAD.

A wax model of your ring is made and then a mold is made from the wax model. The metal is then poured into the mold, which is the basis for the ring design. The jeweler then removes the metal mold and polishes and refines the ring by hand. Then they set the diamonds and the center stone if required.

The prongs are always shown above the center stone because they need to be shaved down by hand. There is more metal than required when the ring is cast to ensure enough metal in the prongs. It's all custom hand-done just for you.

In some instances, your custom ring design will require a CAD. However, a CAD will not be needed for simpler designs (like a solitaire). But we will discuss everything so you don't have to worry.

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