2019 Bridal Trends

Sometimes the inspiration for bridal ring trends is easy to recognize – like when royal-wannabes were choosing oval sapphires in honor of Kate Middleton’s\Princess Di’s engagement ring, or when big-bling loving celebrities were all sporting emerald-cuts. At other times, it’s hard to know who or what is driving a particular trend – but all of a sudden it seems that fashion columnists, bloggers, and influencers all seem to be on the same page. We’ve been reading bridal trade journals and wedding ezines, and we’re pretty tickled that R.W. Diamond Broker in Dallas has all these available for you.

Sweet Pears: There’s always one particular fancy-cut shape competing for attention among the sea of brilliant rounds. Recently it’s been pear-shaped cuts. Tear-drop shaped cuts are great for dangle earrings and pendants, but for rings, they offer a measure of versatility because of how different they look pointing in or out.

They also feature more flash and brilliance than emerald or cushion

cuts, while looking especially sophisticated and grown up.

Delicate and distinctive Halos: Variations on traditional perfect circles appeal to shoppers who are looking for something a little different. A scalloped design, two-tone gold or alternating sizes for the accent stones are all great choices.

Three Stone Rings: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get a little credit for this one, but contemporary twists are lining stones up north-to-south, or on the diagonal – bypass style. Colored or fancy-cut side stones are also making a splash and people always appreciate the past-present- future symbolism.

Surprise Gallery Details: Peekaboo accent stones on the side or the Undercarriage prove that it’s the little things that can set a ring apart. Kick it up a further notch with colored gems or blue diamond accents.

Floral Motifs: Stop and smell the roses – rose gold is still a popular choice, especially for millennials, and more than ever this year, flowers are blossoming in fashion prints, accessories and home décor too.