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4 reasons you should shop at a local independent jeweler.

1 – You will get the best value for your money

 It is a common misconception a that small independent jeweler charges more for their products than larger companies, especially when it comes to jewelry.

Big jewelry brands mass produce their jewelry for a much lower cost but do not reduce their prices to pass the savings on to their customers. So, in essence, what you are paying for is a lower-quality product, with an expensive brand name.

Small independent jeweler businesses like R.W. Diamond Broker use a small team of designers and goldsmiths to hand-make each piece which ensures you are getting exceptional quality, and instead of paying for a big brand your money ends up going towards the quality of the materials and workmanship.

2 – You will be guided through your purchase

It is no secret that the easiest way to shop these days is online. With just one click of a button, you can have your order at your door sometimes even the following day. But when it comes to making a life-changing purchase like an engagement or wedding ring, it is important to make sure that you are making informed choices when the internet can be a minefield of conflicting information.

Rather than choosing a ring from a website, small independent family-owned businesses can guide you through your purchase giving expert advice and asking the right questions to ensure that you have covered all the bases. For example, when buying an engagement ring, it is important to note that some rings will not sit against a flat wedding ring and will require a bespoke one to fit alongside it. This can be an unexpected expense that you could have avoided by speaking to a designer who knew to ask.

There is also the option to alter the design of any items that you like the look of to make them bespoke to you. So, there is a much larger choice than with a bigger brand but with a dedicated team to ensure that so much choice isn’t daunting.


3 – You will be visiting jewelry experts, not sales representatives

You can rest assured that the service you’ll receive from your local jewelers is better than what you’d get at a major chain jeweler.

The training staff members at large chain stores receive is often only a bare-bones knowledge of jewelry because they typically have high rates of employee turnover. Then, when they train their new employees, they generally focus more on sales tactics to achieve monthly targets than on educating them about long-lasting jewelry. In comparison, family-owned jewelers have long-time employees with an expert level of knowledge about jewelry manufacture and design, diamonds, and gemstones. This means that as a local jeweler, we can provide you with in-depth honest knowledge, helping you to become a more informed buyer.

4 – Your satisfaction is genuinely important

Small independent businesses rely on word of mouth and excellent recommendations. Our focus is to ensure that we become your jewelers for life, and not just for a single transaction.

They are run by real people that live in your community, rather than by board members or algorithms. This means that customers at R.W. Diamond Broker in Dallas and other small businesses have much more access to the owners of the businesses, which ultimately creates more accountability and a higher level of trust.

Say, for example, that you have an issue with something you purchased from a major chain. You may find yourself having to hunt for a way to contact customer service, then find yourself waiting for ages to speak to a customer service representative on the phone— that is, if you can get in touch with anyone at all. But if you need to get in touch with a small company, you’d have no issue doing so. You could call or drop by any time and speak to someone who can resolve your issue right away.

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