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Advantages of Buying From a Trusted Independent Jeweler

So you’ve decided to treat yourself or someone special to you to a nice piece of jewelry. Before you open your Amazon app or start the tedious online shopping searches or head to the nearest mall, ask yourself: Do I want a high-quality, unique piece of jewelry I’ll be proud to wear for decades to come, or do I want something that’s been mass-produced and of lesser quality? It’s a no-brainer, right? You want something that matches your individual style and you want it to be well worth the money you spend on it. Here are 8 reasons why shopping with an independent jewelry store Like R.W. Diamond Broker in Dallas will give you exactly that, while online stores and big chains that rely on quick mass production might fall short.

1. Many independent jewelers are family-owned

Many family-owned businesses have a unique advantage of having employees who have more or less grown up in the industry. Like any job, there’s only so much knowledge you can get from training – you really learn the most through your experience on the job. So when you go into an independently owned jewelry shop, everyone there has a lifetime of experience catering to customers like you. Family-owned businesses have decades of experience that other stores just cannot match. Plus, there’s typically less turnover in family-owned businesses, so you could work with the same jeweler for years. Make the most of your time and money by consulting professionals!

2. Thorough quality assurance

When you visit an independent jeweler like, the piece you design and purchase will be one-of-a-kind and handcrafted with care. You’ll enjoy materials with unmatched quality control because materials are carefully handpicked. On the other hand, when you buy jewelry from a chain or random store online, you’re buying something hundreds or even thousands own too. That’s because you’re buying something that’s been mass-produced, which isn’t always the most ethical option.

3. Unmatched attention to detail

A professional jeweler will take the time to examine each item of jewelry in great detail to ensure it’s of the highest quality for their customers. When a large business purchases thousands of pieces of jewelry from warehouses and wholesale suppliers to resell, the products are spot-checked very quickly, if at all. If you purchase via a website or television, the thing you receive may not be exactly what you expected, look much cheaper in person, and even break after the first or second wear. At our store, what you see is what you get: Our gorgeous pieces look stunning on our website and in our stores!

4. Competitive Pricing and Payment Plans

Independent jewelers collaborate with you to create a piece you feel secure purchasing and confident giving, whereas chains simply try to upsell for commission. Additionally, independents will be more accommodating in really working with you to help accommodate your financial situation (budget). No matter how credible their reputation is, you will pay more when purchasing jewelry from a big chain because of the brand names. Meanwhile, you could get the same grade of the diamond from an independent for a cheaper price because it won’t have a brand name embossed on it.

5. Long-lasting warranty and service

At most big chains, the service ends after you leave the store with your new purchase. An independent jeweler, however, is dedicated not just to you, but also to your jewels! That’s why independent jewelers often offer complimentary cleanings to pieces you purchase from. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings should be cleaned regularly to maintain their appearance. We recommend you bring your rings in at least once every six months to have the prongs checked to ensure that no gemstones are lost. When your jewelry is beautiful, ours is as well! Only a neighborhood jeweler is concerned about the longevity of your jewelry, which is why they typically offer a longer warranty that ensures your jewelry is replaced in the case of a manufacturer defect.

6. Invest in your community

Choosing to shop at locally owned jewelry businesses has a direct effect on the health of your local economy. For every $100 spent at a local retailer, $68 remains in the community. However, just $43 of every $100 spent at a chain retailer stays in the local economy, and $0 remains when purchased online. That amount adds up fast and can have a real impact on your community. By supporting local businesses, you can ensure that their business grows and thrives so that they’re able to participate in giving back to the community that has supported them!

7. Flexibility to modify down the road

Your personal preference for beautiful jewelry may change over time. Whether you’re looking to replace an old jewel with a new one or alter the setting on an existing ring, working with an independent jeweler is a great way to guarantee that the completed piece is precisely what you want. And by continuing to shop with the same jeweler over time, you can benefit from their expertise in your personal style as well as their business policies.

Numerous independent jewelers provide an upgrade program, which entitles you to trade in diamonds acquired from their store. Rather than acquiring a new ring, you can upgrade your jewelry directly with an independent jeweler for a small fee. Plus, independents frequently perform modifications and repairs on-site, eliminating the hassle and time required to transport jewelry.

8. Above and beyond customer service

While walking into a chain store is considered as a commission, an individual jeweler views you as a person. Jewelers are not simply selling their products; they are selling their craftsmanship and art, which means that each work holds a personal significance for them. They will educate their consumers and collaborate with them to produce something truly unique, always being knowledgeable and forthright with their buyers.

Additionally, an independent jeweler will be considerably more passionate and informed about their products than someone employed by a chain, providing you with unbiased expert advice. From precious metal to setting and stone, you may choose and manage the quality of the jewelry with an independent jeweler, resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece that lasts a lifetime!


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