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Need someone you can trust in the diamond and jewelry business?

Are you planning on getting engaged? Do you want a nice jewelry gift for someone?

There is a family-owned diamond, engagement and jewelry show room in DFW you can go to with confidence. My name is Robert. I own R.W. Diamond Broker in Dallas.

I know that you are bombarded with online jewelry and diamond sites, also many Dallas retail stores and companies that promise low prices etc. So, who do you go to?

Well, I can’t speak for other places, but I can write this honest plea that’s from my heart.

We really are a small family-owned diamond company. I work hard every day to try and support my family just like you do. I’m not rich just trying to make a living. I have been in this business for decades.

I believe that I want you to be treated like I want to be. No gimmicks, just good old-fashioned honesty, and integrity.

I don’t spend thousands on Pay per click ads or fancy showrooms. I rely on word of mouth, (that’s most of my business)

There is a lot of competition now. It’s tough these days. So, when I get a customer, I make sure I do right by them. I take time to stay in their budget. I will do anything to make a customer happy. I want them referring me. Its not a one time get the money and move on philosophy with me. My customers need to know that I’m there for them for any jewelry need in the future.

My prices are just as low as anybody, I have been in this business so long that my suppliers know I’m honest, they get paid on time and they take care of me.

You will get a fantastic value when you buy a diamond, engagement ring or jewelry at R.W. Diamond Broker. My prices are as good if not better than anywhere else.

I want your business. I need your support, and I appreciate each customer. I have all shapes and sizes of diamond in any size. Nobody gives better prices. If you choose R.W. Diamond broker in DFW, you will never go anywhere else.

I ask for your trust in me. Please give us an opportunity to be your local diamond jeweler. From a stunning diamond ring to a simple repair, we do it all and we do it right.


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