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Please come buy from us.

We really are a small local family owned diamond, engagement ring ands jewelry company.

We want your business. For many years we have been making memories satisfying our customers. We care about you. Times are tough and we know that because we are just like you. So we value each and every customer. We offer wholesale priced diamonds, both mined and lab grown. Stunning rings, and jewelry here at our showroom/office in Dallas. We treat you like family. Stop shopping around, come see Robert- owner of R.W. Diamond Broker in Dallas.

Most customers are referred to R.W. Diamond Broker by his satisfied customers. Ask your friends and family about Robert, you will find that many have done business with him. Come start the tradition and let's make some memories together.

There is only one R.W. Diamond Broker in Texas.

Robert is not affiliated with any other Diamond Broker or Wholesaler.

So make sure there is R.W. in front.

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