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Recommended best diamonds, jewelry, and engagement ring company in DFW

Ask your friends and family who they recommend. They have experience with the company. At R.W. Diamond broker, Robert Wolchuk earns more than 80% of business from referrals.

Use a local, small family-owned diamond broker. R.W. Diamond broker is just that. Legitimately caring about each customer. Why? because they need the business. The happier you are the better for Robert Wolchuk Diamond Broker. There are no big budgets for pay-per-click and fancy advertising. You are their advertisement. Your beautiful ring or jewelry and your trust and faith in R.W. Diamodb broker are what they rely on.

Are the prices at R.W. Diamond Broker like the larger places and online companies?

Yes, and better. Being small, and unpretentious allows for lower markups. Dealing one on one with Robert Wolchuk, the owner of R.W. Diamond Broker lets you have an honest, ethical, and enjoyable experience without all the nonsense. He cares because you are valuable and this is how he stays in business. He doesn't need huge markups he needs a loyal customer. Obviously, he wants to make a profit but he is not greedy, having a little of something is better than a whole lot of nothing.

Robert lives in the community and has been helping people with their engagement rings and jewelry for decades. He is trusted by his customers and his suppliers.

This is why R.W. Diamond Broker is thought of as the best diamond dealer in DFW.

Join the R.W. Diamond Broker Family. Come make memories with us.


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