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Thinking of Buying Jewelry or a Diamond Online?

Is it Safe to Buy Diamonds Online?

The practice of obtaining our goods and our services through online mediums has become ubiquitous during the last decade. Diamonds and jewelry products are no exceptions as businesses join the online fray to fulfill needs of tech savvy consumers. It’s no coincidence that the number of online distributors has kept increasing as more and more people get connected to the Internet.

As with anything else online, judging the security of a certain service is highly subjective. For a consumer, the trust and security issues are even more important considering the typical expenditure spent on a diamond ring purchase.

There are a few checkpoints which should be met by your chosen vendor before you hit the “Pay” button. Let us take short look at online security and safe practices when it comes to buying diamonds.

The Internet has been around for more than 20 years with e-commerce becoming well-established and consumer awareness being raised. For newcomers or distributors to the diamond industry, he/she would most likely not be able to hold out and gain short term profits in the market. The industry doesn’t work like that.

You see, skepticism runs high when it comes to spending thousands of dollars by entering a credit card number. Given a choice, who would you choose to do business with? The business that had built a brand around their products for years or an anonymous website that was just created last week?

When you start browsing the product range of online vendors and compare it to what you seen at your local store, don’t be surprised to see a 10,000 times difference in inventory size. Heck, you might even be thinking that Bill Gates must be funding the company in question.

Well, I do not know much about Mr. Gates’ investments in the jewelry market, but I might know the reason behind the choice abundance that online distributors have. They simply download and connect several databases of diamond lists from their suppliers and don’t actually own the diamonds themselves.

Everybody Likes to See the Product Before Payment, Is That Not Obvious?

Diamonds are products where their beauty is based entirely on their visual performance. A diamond’s cut quality is defined by its capacity of reflecting light. The question here really is: “If I can’t see it, how do I know it sparkles well?”

That said, unless you are staying in that part of the world, most headquarters of online diamond distributors are probably located at a distance from you. Also, not every online store has a physical location that allows walk-ins. This means you cannot look at the gemstone physically and put it behind a jeweler’s loupe.

R.W. Diamond Broker is here for you to see your diamond. Also, you are keeping a local family owned business alive. Your money stays in the community instead of going out of state. You receive personal and exceptional service and comparable pricing. You deal with the owner himself. Your business is important to us as we want a lifelong customer. You are Not just another sale.


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