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Why should you support me.

Have you ever ordered something online that looked great in photos and not so great when it arrived? Looks can be deceiving from a computer screen, and you don’t want to take your chances by purchasing a ring online that doesn’t meet your in-person expectations.

It great look online to get an idea of what your partner or you like , but keep in mind that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. usually, the giant, sparkly ring from Pinterest most likely has an outrageous price tag and will likely be impossible to track down.

Visiting R.W. Diamond Broker in Dallas in person can help you identify what you actually want, send us the ideas and pics so we can work with you. Then when you come in for your appointment, you can see the selection in real life. You can put it on your own ring finger and understand what type of quality you can get for your exact budget.

When it’s time to shop for an engagement ring, it’s important to work with someone who has you and your partners best interests in mind, someone you can get to know and build trust with. You can read as much fine print as you want, but nothing beats being able to have an open conversation with a diamond expert who can make recommendations based on what they learn about you.

And if you’re shying away from shopping in a local company because you’re worried about the stereotypical salesy-ness, know that R.W. Diamond Broker in DFW does not work on commissions. You will deal directly with me - the owner. Keep in mind we are professionals, and we are here to help you. Unlike most jewelry stores we don’t want one-and-done customers, we want you to become clients for life and for you to use us as a resource for all future jewelry-related questions and needs.


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