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Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Salt and Pepper diamonds at R.W. Diamond Broker

R.W. Diamond broker in Dallas has Salt and Pepper Diamonds

A salt-and-pepper diamond is a diamond with inclusions that appear black and white. Some will have more inclusions than others, and no two diamonds are alike—some will be dark and moody, others come light and bright with just a few tiny blemishes, while still others can look almost gray. 

Salt-and-pepper diamonds are still diamonds, which means they’re still incredibly rare and valuable. The difference is that they come with a smidge more character than a highly sought white diamond and make for a distinctive engagement ring that veers slightly left of center without teetering too far into avant-garde territory.

Best prices in DFW for Salt & Pepper Diamonds

We have many Salt and Pepper Diamonds not listed here. Please call Robert at 469-709-8356 or contact us for more information and pricing.

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