R.W. Respects his customers

The R.W. stands for Robert Wolchuk. (R.W.) That’s me. There is only one R.W. Diamond Broker in Texas. Many sites have the words Diamond Broker in them.


I am NOT affiliated with any other Diamond Broker, Jeweler, Diamond Dealer, or wholesaler. So, make sure you put R.W. in front.

Remember it is R.W. Diamond Broker.

I value each and every customer. Your Faith and trust in me is something I am very proud of. I believe in old-fashioned honesty, integrity, and service.

I see my customers around the community, and it makes me proud when they are happy to see me. My reputation means a lot to me and I always do my best to make you happy. I want long-term customers. Every single customer is important to me. I never want you to even think about buying anywhere else.

I promise you I will work hard for you and ensure the best prices and service for anything you buy from me, always. We are a family owned company and that’s how we treat you. With respect and appreciation. I care and I want your business.


Whatever you need, from a watch battery, jewelry, or watch repair to a life-changing diamond. Please come see me at R.W. Diamond Broker. It’s a warm, friendly, no-pressure place.

Family owned diamond dealer. Best diamond prices in Dallas TX. R.W. Diamond Broker