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You can trust me to help you with your engagement ring, diamond, jewelry, honest, DFW.

Come see me (Robert) at

I am your personal, honest, ethical, family-owned, and trusted jeweler in the DFW metroplex.

Just let me know what you are looking for, and I will get everything in for you, we will set an appointment, and that is it. I will make sure you have a relaxed time without stress and help make memories with you. for your diamond, jewelry, honest, DFW

Ask around someone you know has done business with me over the decades that I have been selling stunning engagement rings, diamonds, and jewelry in Dallas.

I need your business and I promise you will be happy.

Most of my business is word of mouth and I want you to recommend your friends and family also.

My prices are just as good if not better than anybody else and I do care about your satisfaction.

happy customers at
R.W.diamond broker in Dallas the best place to buy an engagement ring diamond, lab diamond or jewelry


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