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When you should not wear your wedding ring

Knowing when to take off your Diamond Ring is more important than you may realise - taking proper care of your Ring means less maintenance in the future.

Washing your Hands

Washing your hands whilst wearing a ring is not as clean as you may have thought. The soap could not only cause the ring to slip off - leaving the possibility of it falling down the plughole - but the oils and chemicals in your soap or sanitiser tend to stick to the surface of diamonds, causing them to appear dirty: the opposite outcome you may have tried to achieve.

Applying Hand Cream

It’s really important to take off your ring when applying hand cream; it can easily slip off due to the freshly applied cream. Again, the cream causes a build-up of oil and chemicals on the diamond and in the setting - layers can gather under the diamond making it look like there are inclusions inside the diamond when looking at it from the top surface.

Getting Ready

When you’re getting ready for the day, you’re likely to use products like moisturiser, perfume and hairspray - daily products like these can build up grime and dull the diamond from their chemicals.


When cooking, you’re likely to be constantly getting your hands covered in food and then washing them - here you may see the first problem as suggested earlier, try to avoid washing your hands with your ring on! You also wouldn’t want to lose your ring in your dinner, nor would you want the risk of getting food particles stuck in your setting. Cooking with your ring on is also quite unhygienic, especially when there's a likelihood of getting bacteria from meat sticking to the diamond.


When cleaning, you should be wearing gloves, however, it’s possible your ring could rip your gloves - taking your ring off as an extra precaution is definitely advised. Chemicals like bleach can cause a discolouration of the metal and brushes and sponges used to clean can scratch the band. So make sure you’re always replacing your Diamond Ring with your Marigold Gloves.


Though you may not realise until it’s too late, your ring can become misshapen from gripping hard tools like a shovel, this can cause your ring to become uncomfortable to wear or you may not be able to take it off. Along with this, the dirt from your garden or allotment such as soil can get under the diamond and into the setting. Again, when gardening you should always replace your ring with some gardening gloves: not only to protect your ring but also your hands! 

Working Out 

When you’re working out, you should be wearing minimal to no jewellery - or else you may risk injuring yourself or causing damage to your jewellery. Rings are susceptible to scratches and scrapes from machines and equipment, they are also likely to slip off due to your sweat especially in activities such as running. Once again, your ring can misshapen from holding hard surfaces like metal which is likely to be done during the gym and when using sporting equipment like rackets and bowling balls; losing its shape can cause the stone to fall out or come loose (which would be very upsetting).


Diamond Rings and swimming do not make a good duo! Your fingers can shrink after being submerged in water for a longer period of time, therefore making it more likely that your ring will slip off and you may lose it. Additionally, chlorine from a pool can damage the metal of your ring - causing it to discolour. Saltwater from the ocean can cause your diamond to look cloudy, as well as the possibility of getting sand stuck in your setting.


When asleep, you’re unable to control your movements as your body is moving unknowingly - this leaves a chance of catching your ring in the bedding, bed frame, bedside table or even your partner, which can cause the stone to become loose. Depending on how you sleep, you may also put pressure on your ring causing it to misshapen. 


Depending on your job role, it may be best to leave your diamond ring at home. If you do activities such as heavy lifting, with chemicals or anything stated from the above - then it’s best to keep it safe.


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