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It’s important to buy your jewelry from R.W. Diamond Broker in Dallas.


You will be supporting a local family owned and run company here in the Dallas, Plano area. A company that exists because it relies on local support from the community. In return you are treated with honesty integrity and appreciation. We make sure you come back time and again because we need you.

Every customer is important, whether it’s a repair or a diamond engagement ring. Not only do you get better prices, since we do not have huge overheads, we are well respected within the diamond and Jewelry industry and get just as good buying prices as anyone else. We don’t have to make huge profits, but we do have to make customers. So, you deal directly with me, Robert. The owner.

I am a diamond specialist, I have years of experience. I work for you. I want you to get the absolute best price on anything you buy, every time.

Come and see me. I promise you will be a customer for life

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