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These days women are buying their own jewelry and here is why

There is an increase in women buying diamond jewelry across the market such as earrings and necklaces - whether for themselves or for a loved one. The 2020s have kicked off with more subscribers to the ‘self-love’ movement than ever, meaning a greater focus on women making themselves happy - bring on the self-gifting! Financial autonomy and self-interest have further driven the figures of female diamond jewelry buyers.

Women today are more financially independent than ever before, and they also trust their own taste rather than that of their partner or spouse. And they also want jewelry that suits their business attire. In addition, they are buying themselves jewelry as tangible evidence of their career success.

In addition to wanting to mark an important life event, such as a special birthday, a career success, or a certain occasion, other women may simply see a particular item that appeals to their tastes or complements their wardrobe.

Research has also shown that the jewelry can often be bought as a memento of a place that has special meaning for the buyer, such as an item bought on vacation. It is also on many occasions purchased as a bond with someone the buyer cares about, such as mothers and daughters, or two best friends buying matching jewelry.

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